Amelia N Reiling

Amelia grew up in Indiana and discovered her desire for artistic focus while living briefly in NYC. She had always possessed a strong interest in acting, singing, and artwork, but her vision and clarity in deciding to pursue these fields was strengthened during some soul-searching in NYC. Amelia executes a bold and surreal style in both her short films and artwork. Her music is sultry, simplistic, and mysterious. She hopes to translate her artistic style into fashion one day, and in addition to the arts, she enjoys philanthropic endeavors. Specifically, Amelia has an interest in poverty alleviation and also, conflict management being taught in schools via workshops. Amelia’s educational background includes attending Indiana University in 2001-2006. She majored in psychology and minored in biology. She also has taken graduate work in poetry from Butler University after she graduated from Indiana University. In Amelia’s spare time, Amelia enjoys volunteering, visiting art museums, and reading.